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This is a Imported Bali Hut with a raised deck and cross pattern handrail, re-roofed with Canadian Red Cedar Shingle  build by Brisbane Thatch and Decks.


Brisbane Thatch and decks also supply and install Canadian Red Cedar Shingles if stock is available, shingle huts for those of us who prefer a different look and a longer lasting material.

A Shingle hut will outlast a Balinese thatched Hut / Gazebo / Cabana or Pavilion but costing analysis over a twenty year period will prove that they cost about the same. A shingle hut will cost more initially though.



Canadian Red Cedar Shingles


Canadian Western Red Cedar Shingles...

Beware of cheaper alternatives which are designed for use on walls only.


These quality Red Cedar Shingles are for use on roofs where the slope is sufficient enough to ensure good drainage and a tailored appearance is desired, or on walls where a traditional shingle style is preferred.


Sold in pack or pallet quantities only, each pack will cover 2.2 m2, when laid according to the standard required lap.


Price in this listing is per pack, there are 45 packs per pallet.


Pallet size and weight: the pallet is a tall pallet, aprox 2 mtrs tall x 1.1 mtrs x 1.1 mtrs

It weighs aprox 700 kg per pallet. This information is intended for your calculations if booking your on freight.



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