Privacy Ideas - Screens and Walls

Bali Huts Sides and Screens


Bali Huts can easily be fitted with a decks and sides.

To fit a wall or screens the to protect the inside of our Balinese Huts from the elements, weather conditions and for privacy you can use decking, natures reed or bamboo screens.


Bamboo and natures reed screens is normally 1.8m high fitted on two or three timber rails.

The most cost effective way to provide privacy is to fit a good quality outdoor curtain. Curtains is also widely use in Bali to decorate the Bali Huts and provide a natural relaxing ambiance to the occupants and onlookers.

Bali Hut Pool Covers and Roof Extensions


A Popular alternative to bamboo screens is a Bali Hut Roof Extension.

Bali Hut Roof Extensions is ideal to cover pool pumps, a outdoor bar area and for additional privacy.

By extending one or two sides or just a section of the Bali Hut Roof, will offer additional privacy screening as well as a very aesthetic appealing new innovative look, making your Bali Hut unique and offers practical solution for additional cover and rubbernecking neighbours. 

We at Brisbane Thatch and Decks will work closely with you to design the perfect Balinese Hut to suit your specific needs and budget.