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Brisbane Thatch and Decks use a heavy duty terracotta crown as a finial to just finish the new or re-thatched Balinese huts off. The Finials also provide waterproofing to the  top of the Balinese hut necessary for waterproofing.

Brisbane Thatch and Decks use a bigger, more sturdy and much stronger Crown than the smaller and inferior crowns used by most of our competitors.


Brisbane Thatch and Decks - Crowns...

Finials with Ridge Cappings...


Brisbane Thatch and Decks use a heavy duty terracotta ridge capping and decorative ends also known as Finials. The ridge capping and finials provide waterproofing for the final stages in the construction of the rectangular Balinese huts.










Brisbane Thatch's Teracotta Ridge Capping with Finials...

Brisbane Thatch's Cement Crown

Cement Crown...


Brisbane Thatch and Decks can also make a Cement Crown for

our clients who prefer some thing less decorative.

When ordering a Bali Hut Kit it is also advisable to consider the idea of using a concrete crown for the following reasons.

- It is more cost effective than a Terracotta Crown.

- Posting a Terracotta crown cost a lot more than a Cement Crown.

- Even with the utmost care like Timber boxing the crown the Terracotta Crowns, the transport companies still manage to destroy the Terracotta crowns in transit. 50% of the crowns does not survive the handling.






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