Brisbane Thatch and Decks.

Balinese: Rondavels (Alang Alang), Tiki Huts, Palapas, Pavilions, Decks, Gazebo's, Pergolas, Patios, Al Fresco and Art shape Bali Huts.

Inside view Balinese Thatch Roofs.

Inside view Balinese Thatched Roof Structures.


The interior of a Balinese thatched roof creates a pleasant tropical feeling with a very relaxing ambience. No other roofing material can compare to the unique atmosphere created by thatched roofs. If installed professionally thatch is naturally insulated and water proof. The stained frame design completes the stylish inside appearance of the Pavilion, Gazebo, Pergola and Huts.

Balinese Gazebo's Bali Huts & Pavilions.

Bali Huts, Balinese Gazebo's and Pavilions.


No other roof out there protects against harmful UV rays, rain, heat and creates a tropical holiday experience in such a cool effortless way as a Cabana; Brisbane Thatched Balinese styled roof. Brisbane Thatch and Decks will allow you to custom design your Hut, Gazebo or Pavilion to your budget and specific needs. Balinese styled roofs will enhance any house type (e.g. Modern, Cottage, Victorian, Farm style), garden and pool area.

Rondawel & Art Shaped Balinese Huts.

Rondawel and Art Shapes.


Balinese Thatch is very versatile and can be shaped in various exciting designs and shapes only limited by our imagination. If you are limited with space and unusable areas, just book a site inspection and one of our thatchers will come up with a exiting new custom design to make the most un usable area in your garden a focal point.