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Mud-bug Repairs

The damage shown in the photos is a typical example of mud-bugs that were installed incorrectly and top of the Bali Hut had insufficient thatch cover.

The damage to the Bali Hut Thatch could have been prevented if the apex was build up, the mud-bugs was installed correctly and also if the mud-bugs was repaired in time thus adding another 5 to 7 years to the life of the Bali Hut

90% Of all the Bali huts installed currently was installed using Cable Ties. Cable ties gets brittle after 5 years and the Mud-bugs start to fall apart.

Important Information for Mud-bug Repairs.


Bali huts

What makes us different:

We at Brisbane Thatch and decks have been building, repairing, installing Bali Huts since 2003 and has seen a lot of attempts by different thatching companies and even builders. In 2003 we where trained by Oz Thatch that was already 7 years in the thatching Industry. We have learned from  the best and now we learning from other Builders and Thatchers mistakes. Every time we do a site inspection or a repair we can see where to improve and what to do better next time. We have now perfected the our skills over the years and we are the beast at what we do. Simply ask any  Builder how many Bali huts they have build - they will say around 1 to 5. We on the other hand has done around 6000 and still  counting. Thatching companies has come and gone. We are now the company with the most experience. And we still see things that is jut unbelievably scary or interesting and innovative some times. The best Ideas we keep and use on our own Bali Huts


We are literally repairing 3 - 5 Bali Huts a month that was done by the Tropical Thatch Method tying the mud-bugs with Cable ties to piece timber then screwed to the ridge, They all are just three to five years old... And none of them had ridge build up or extended king post to get the thatch thicker towards the top of The Bali hut.

Unfortunately the Guys that installed the majority off Bali Huts in Australia used a very bad method. Not their fault because they could not have know any better. They did not have anyone to learn from...

If you look at your Bali Hut see how many of the following possible defects you can identify:

1. Cable ties get brittle after a three to five years and The cable ties does not hold the mud-bugs tight enough so it start to pull out.

2. Cable ties does is not holding the thatch tight and in place, normally the bottom ones start falling out first or forms little tassels where the mud-bug is not held in place but rather hanging on like its attach to a string...

3. They fit the mud-bugs to a stick and fit it to the ridge... Problem is that the the gaps between the mud-bugs is to big and after 5 years the top of the mud-bugs get exposed and you start seeing sunlight inside your hut and the cable ties get exposed.. And the cable ties get brittle...

4. The apex of the Bali Hut is not build up. So the single layer of thatch at the top start to get brittle and showing sunlight after just a few years.

5. If Bali Hut is standing under a tree or two, make sure no branches is rubbing on the top of the thatch, It will rub the top layers of thatch off.

6. Make sure no leaves and sticks is lying on your Bali Hut, Bali Huts last longer in the sun, dry out quicker. Leaves and sticks prevent the Thatch from drying out naturally. When the debris on the roof starts to rot, the thatch will start rotting as well.

7. Some times every thing was done correctly and your Bali Hut is due for a Re-thatch. It is after all a natural product. When the ends of the bottom layers of thatch reach the fold over, its time to call us.

Brisbane Thatch and Decks has developed our own method, Thatching and installing Mud-bugs.

What Brisbane Thatch do different:

1. We stagger the thatch when thatching.

2. We use galvanized wire to attach the mud-bugs directly to the hips.

3. On the square hut we fir a king post extension so we can fit a additional ring mud bugs to the top of the Bali Hut.

4. With the Rectangular Bali Huts we extend to ridge to 140mm to fit more thatch to the apex of the hut. 5. We cover the top of the mud-bugs make sure it stays tight and dry to last longer.

It all sound easy but it you never have done it before it could make a big difference.


We are very well priced, for the simple reason we do not take any shortcuts. we want your Bali hut to last for as long as possible.

Please contact us if you need any more information or book a site inspection.

Have a good day


Brisbane Thatch and Decks