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What makes us different:

We at Brisbane Thatch and decks have been building, repairing, installing Bali Huts since 2003 and has seen a lot of attempts by different thatching companies and even builders. In 2003 we where trained by Oz Thatch that was already 7 years in the thatching Industry. We have learned from  the best and now we learning from other Builders and Thatchers mistakes. Every time we do a site inspection or a repair we can see where to improve and what to do better next time. We have now perfected the our skills over the years and we are the beast at what we do. Simply ask any  Builder how many Bali huts they have build - they will say around 1 to 5. We on the other hand has done around 6000 and still  counting. Thatching companies has come and gone. We are now the company with the most experience. And we still see things that is jut unbelievably scary or interesting and innovative some times. The best Ideas we keep and use on our own Bali Huts.


Brisbane Thatch and Decks is the best in the South East Queensland and only use the best quality materials.


We take all the steps to make your Re-Thatched Balinese Hut looks better, last longer and will be safer and better installed than the original thatch that was on there...

We go the extra mile - We clean the site up and remove all old thatch from site. On the rectangular Balinese Gazebos we build the ridge up 140mm to make sure the thatch on apex last longer. On the square Balinese Gazebos we fit a king post extension (if needed in most cases) and fit a thick double ring thatch under the crown. We stagger the new thatch so you do not find gutters in your roof after 3 years. We use only the best Factory Treated A-grade Export Quality Thermal Alang Alang Thatch ... We have by far the best method to install mud-bugs (bundles thatch to cover the hips) more than 80% better than most of our competitors. Most important we do not take shortcuts to save on material - We install more mud-bugs, use heavy duty Terracotta Crown on Square Huts or Heavy Duty Terracotta  Ridge Capping Tiles and Decorative ends on rectangular Huts. 

If you can help us with some more information about your Balinese Hut it would be very helpful for us to give you a very accurate preliminary quote.

If you can send a few photos from the inside and outside of your Balinese Hut It would help us assess the damage and determine the pitch of the frame.


Please click on the link "Bali Hut dimensions"  to identify your Bali Hut and to measure the correct dimensions we will need to give you accurate quote.


We are prompt - and proud of our work

For more on information on Re-Thatch click on following link "Re-Thatch"

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