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Important Information for new 2m to 3.5m Bali hut kits.

as well as 3.5  to 4m Bali Huts Kits with Knee Braces.


Bali huts

What makes us different:

We at Brisbane Thatch and decks have been building, repairing, installing Bali Huts since 2003 and has seen a lot of attempts by different thatching companies and even builders. In 2003 we where trained by Oz Thatch that was already 7 years in the thatching Industry. We have learned from  the best and now we learning from other Builders and Thatchers mistakes. Every time we do a site inspection or a repair we can see where to improve and what to do better next time. We have now perfected the our skills over the years and we are the beast at what we do. Simply ask any  Builder how many Bali huts they have build - they will say around 1 to 5. We on the other hand has done around 6000 and still  counting. Thatching companies has come and gone. We are now the company with the most experience. And we still see things that is jut unbelievably scary or interesting and innovative some times. The best Ideas we keep and use on our own Bali Huts

Supply Balinese Hut and Gazebo Kits plus Installation.

Brisbane Thatch and Decks custom build each and every Balinese Gazebo (Bali Hut) for our highly valued clients taking your requirements into account and we make sure our clients get the best quality materials and workmanship because we want you to refer us to your friends and family.

We use BSA licensed installers and have a 25 year warranty on workmanship.

Our frames are pitch correctly at 35 degrees to ensure the thatch do not retain water and any debris will roll off. Our Frames are double hipped to improve strength and mud-bug coverage. (The Mud-Bugs is the bundled thatch covering the hip's and joints). Installing the Mud-bugs correctly prolong Thatch and roof's lifespan. More importantly it looks ecstatically divine...

We use 190x45 Face plates (Rings beams), 90x35mm hips and a double 90x35 hips on our smaller 2m to 3.5m Bali Huts.

Out rafters are spaced 500 - 650mm apart ensuring clean strait thatch lines and superior frame stability.

We Stain our frames Iron bark (a Rich Dark Brown) as standard but we may also use any other available colors like Black or Merbua on our clients request. Black actually looks pretty amazing on our Bali Huts frames.

We only use Longer lasting A-grade Factory Made Alang Alang (Blade Grass) White String Tightly Woven Thermal Thatch. (We do not use local black string Rise Grass!).  The thatch will last 12 to 15 years but again, it's important to follow a few simple steps which our installers will go through with you during the handover. Our Balinese Gazebo's are basically maintenance free but we will always be there if any repairs need to be performed.

Balinese Gazebos are 100% waterproof if installed correctly...

We do not need to use a waterproof membrane because our frames are design so that the mud-bugs and thatch last to its maximum potential lifespan... 

With our rectangular huts we build the ridge 140mm up in order to attach more thatch to the top of our huts and cover the top ends of the mud-bugs...


We do not install mud-bugs on a stick like some of our rivals simply because it does not last longer than 5 years like so many we are repairing monthly.

We do however double the hip rafters in order to secure the mud-bugs properly to last the lifetime of the thatch.


For our frames we use slow growing F7 hardness Slow growing New Zealand Radiata ruffed headed pine. H3 graded Copper Chrome Arsenic  (CCA) treated against white ant attacks, Timber Rot and weather conditions. Basically frames will last a lifetime.

Another reason we use Radiata pine is so that the 52mm galvanized staples securing the thatch to the timber penetrate timber and stick. When using hardwood, hardwood cracks, the staples bend and don’t hold as well as in Radiata Pine…

For the post we use a variety round (200mm, 175mm, 150mm, 125mm posts) H5 graded CCA Treated Coppers Log Post. The post will last 50 plus yeast in-ground. Please note: There is unfortunately only one supplier of coppers log post in the whole of Queensland. Due to demand they do sell the post still wet. We do however buy the post in bulk and let it dry for at least 6 months to a year. If you install the post while still wet it may crack because it will dry out to quick. But it is only cosmetic, it does not compromise the strength and stability of the Balinese Hut. We can however fill the cracks with a acrylic sealer and it is as good as new and not visible.

On our Square and Art shaped (pentagons, hexagons, octagons or even triangular Bali huts) Balinese Huts and Gazebo's we use a heavy Terracotta Crown.

Our Square Gazebo's are design with a extended king post that allows us to install a additional ring mud-bugs around the crown which again ensure our thatch last 70% longer than our competitors.

We use a heave duty Crown on our square post. Again stronger and more durable than the standard ones use by 60% of our competitors...

Our Rectangular Gazebo's are design with a extended 140mm ridge to allow for thicker thatch at the top of the gazebo. Again we use a heavy duty Terracotta Ridge Capping with bigger Finials than what 60 % of our competitors are using. We also cover the top of the mud-bugs which is important to prolong the Thatch life span.

The method we use for applying/installing mud-bugs (bundles thatch to cover hips) are far superior to 75% of our competitors. (We keep that a secret.)

All out Fasteners are galvanized.

If you have any question please ask us, we have been installing and maintaining Bali huts since 2003

Have a good day


Brisbane Thatch and Decks