Fire Retardant Thatch

for Balinese Huts

Factory Treated Fire Retardant Thatch

Brisbane Thatch and Decks also stock Fire Retardant Alang Alang Thatch for those Balinese Huts that is located in a high risk area's such as publick parks and busy walkways where Bali Huts is build right next to fence with easy access for firefly's.

Our valued customers already know we are only using the best CCA treated timber for our frames, galvanized fasteners and the best quality thatch.

Now we also supply the very best fire retardant thatch on the market.


It took two years for Australian scientist to developed the retardant. The retardant is CSIRO approved to be used on all public and commercial Balinese Huts.


Please see The attached PDF for the Fire Retardant test results.