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Brisbane Thatch and Decks is the experts when it come to Bali Huts. Brisbane Thatch and Decks


Why choose Brisbane Thatch & Decks to  Replace the Mudbugs on your Bali Hut?


If you have look up and see daylight  when you look up at the Hips inside you Bali Hut at the areas that should have been covered with Mudbugs. Mudbugs is the name widely use in Indonesia for the Round bundles of thatch covering the Hips where the Thatching strips are joined in the corners. Because the thatch comes in tightly woven Alang Alang Grass (Chinese Blade Grass) strips tied to long pieces of bamboo with string. When its joined on the hips little triangles are left open which is  covered with Mudbugs. Some installers tie the mudbugs with cable ties to a long piece of timber which is then screwed into the hips with battens screws.  This is not the best way to hold mudbugs in place however it's been widely used in the Gold Coast Area. It is a very easy and fast method to install mudbugs. Brisbane Thatch how ever have a totally new and innovative method to hold the mudbugs in place with much longer lasting results.


Brisbane Thatch and Deck prides thenself in utilizing the highest mudbug thatch, most affordable and longest lasting thatching techniques, to ensure that our gazebos have the longest life possible.

Brisbane Thatch and Decks have repaired and replace over one  thousand Balinese huts mudbugs .


Brisbane Thatch and Decks will also assess your Balinese Hut and improve your Balinese Hut to make sure the mudbugs we install will last longer than any of our competitors mudbug insulation techniques.

The re-mudbug work will be carried out by our master Thatcher's, each with years of thatching experience.


Brisbane Thatch and Decks will go the extra mile when replacing your Bali Hut mudbugs and also repair the ridge to ensure your Balinese Hut have no weak links and joints.


Brisbane Thatch and Decks Also stock the bigger heavy duty terracotta ridge capping, finials and Crowns. Just another step[ we take to make sure your Balinese hut and mudbugs stays waterproof for longer than our comp editors installs.


Brisbane Thatch and Decks will remove all the old mudbugs and thatch removed site.


We provide an after sale service. Should you have any concerns about your gazebo, whether it be maintenance, damage repair, Mudbugs replace or  re-thatching, please contact us at or


If you would like to review any of the topics discussed above, please feel free to contact our office for more information. Should you want a quote, a site inspection can be arranged.



Mudbug Repairs on Bali Huts


Mudbug Replace and Bali Hut Repairs


Symptoms on Bali Hut showing a need for a Mudbug Job - Call The Specialist !

If you looking up in your prize Balinese Hut and you are greeted with sunshine after 5 years. Your previous installer was not as good as he said he was. But all is not lost. Just contact Brisbane Thatch and Decks The Professionals. You Probably just need a decent and professional mudbug job. Brisbane Thatch and Decks do maintenance and repairs on Bali Huts every day. In seventy percent of cases we replace the mudbugs and build up the ridge only. The worst case scenario is a total re-thatch. 


If we can't fix your Balinese hut we can build you a new one.



Just some samples of mudbug repair and replacements Brisbane Thatch and Decks have successfully completed.

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