About Brisbane Thatch & Decks

We are the "Go To" guys for Bali Huts.

Brisbane Thatch and Decks has been in the thatching industry since 2003. We have learned from installers operating since 1995 and improve on the installation and thatching techniques ever since. We have learned from other installers mistakes over the years and improved and perfected today's design, install, thatching and maintenance methods for Australian standards and conditions.

We are literally the best in the business.


Today Brisbane Thatch & Decks specialize in building and manufacturing of  new custom designed specialized shade roof structures to suit our valued customers needs and requirements.

Brisbane Thatch is the Professionals when it comes to Repairs, Maintenance and Re-Thatching of various Balinese Thatched structures or other existing structures such as old Brushwood types roof structures, Thatched Gazebos, Pergolas, Pavilions, Cabanas, Palapas, Daybeds, Tiki Huts, Shingle Roofing, Africa Cape reed Gazebo's and our speciality Balinese Thatched Huts. 


Brisbane Thatch & Decks design and manufacture high quality pre-cut DIY kits (flat pack) with stained treated timber frames and detailed installation instructions to any destination Australia wide.


Brisbane Thatch supply imported  thermal A-grade Alang Alang Thatch, also known as Japanese blade grass to the public and other installers.

Brisbane Thatch and Decks Supply and Install Synthetic Thatch to our clients and to the general public.


Brisbane Thatch and Decks only use hand-picked specialized licensed installers.


Brisbane Thatch & Deck’s Professional thatchers have more 15 years hands-on experience. We have improved and perfected the art of thatching. Eliminating all possible glitches in order to ensure high quality work guaranteeing your satisfaction. Our excellent craftsmanship obtained through many years of experience, guarantees Brisbane Thatch & Decking’s quality work that will outlast any other Bali gazebo. Additionally, we do repairs and partial replacements of thatch. Should the frame and thatch be irreparable, we replace the whole structure at the best prices.


Imported Versus Brisbane Thatch Custom Design Balinese Hut, Gazebo, Pergola, Cabana.

Materials and Quality

There is no Quality Comparison between between a Imported Bali Hut and Custom Design and Build Brisbane Thatched Bali Hut.


Importing a "Flat Pack Bali Hut with Deck" directly from Bali is most certainly cheaper but certainly not in the same class as a solidly custom design and build to Australian Standards Balinese Pavilion by the Brisbane Thatch Team.


But the old saying still rang true. "The poor man pays twice".


Imported Bali Huts are designed for mass production, to save space during shipping and is limited to size and shape. Imported Bali Huts are designed to stand on flat solid surfaces. The panels are very heavy and difficult to lift during the assembly process. The thatch panel joints and hips always start to leak after 3 to 5 years. Imported Bali Hut timber, decking, joist post and rafters are not treated for weather and termite attacks. In time imported Bali Huts will most certainly lean to one side, presenting a remarkable resemblance to the tower of pizza over a short period of time. Maintenance on Imported Bali Huts are limited to rebuilds only but


The good news though, is the fact that Brisbane Thatch and Decks can and has rebuilt quite a significant number of imported Bali Huts so all is not lost.


See photo's.


Advantages of custom design and built Brisbane Thatch Balinese Huts, Pergolas, Gazebos and Pavilions.


Brisbane Thatch and deck's structures stand solid and sturdy in ground with both a flat or sloping surface area. We use only the best materials, A-Grade Thatch, High graded, weather and terminate preventative treated timber and post. We have superior thatching techniques with no weak joints which results in a much longer thatch lifespan and less maintenance. Our frames will last a lifetime and when it comes to re-thatching, we are the best and offer a competitive after market service.


We have the expertise and experience to do the job rite the first time.

 The Profesional Specialists, New Balinese Gazebos, Thatching, Maintenance and Repairs on all Balinese and Africa Cape Reed Gazebos.

In a Nutshell


Brisbane Thatch & Decks is a family owned business specialising in Design, Manufacture and Install all Bali Huts Gazebo's with Traditional Alang Alang Thatching, Creating a relaxing tropical Balinese  Island style atmosphere and lifestyle at your doorstep. Brisbane Thatch, Bali Huts & Decks, also  specialize in low set Decks, Palmex Synthetic Thatch, Cape Reed Gazebo's and Synthetic Bali Thatch suited  for steel frame  Africa Cape reed Gazebos. Brisbane Thatch &Decks does all maintenance and repairs on Brushwood structures, Timber Shingle Roofs, African Cape Reed Gazebo's and Bali huts in South East Queensland - Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast  and Sunshine Coast.  Brisbane Thatch manufacture and Supply easy custom build DIY kits for sale Australia wide. 

Our Services...

Brisbane Thatch & Decking has improved and modernized traditional thatching methods to produce the best quality Bali Huts, Cabanas, Pergolas, Gazebos, Pavilions and Patio's.  Brisbane thatch and decks is Importing only the best Indonesian Alang Alang Thermal Thatch. Our specialized services include the following.

  • Supply and Install Custom Bali huts

  • Supply and Install Custom Decks

  • General Maintenance & Repairs

  • Storm Damage Repairs

  • Insurance Work

  • Supply DIY Balinese Huts all over Oz

  • Supply and Install Bali Umbrellas

  • Daybeds - Supply and Install

  • Brushwood Upgrades

  • Shade Sail Structures

  • Timber Shingle Roofing and Roofs

  • African Cape Reed Re-thatching

  • Professiona Advice

  • Friendly & Reliable Service

Brisbane Thatch and decks
(Bali Hut) Balinese Thatched Gazebo
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Bali Hut - Information

3x3 Balinese Gazebo

Brisbane Thatch - New Bali Huts


Since 2002 Brisbane Thatch and Decks has been learning, improving and now delivering the best Bali Huts across the Australia.


A Brisbane Thatch and Deck, Bali Hut, also referred to as a Balinese Thatched  Gazebo, Cabana or Pavilion will complement and enhance all types of, living, alfresco and entertainment areas. Not only will it provide you with a prize-winning pergola focal point in your garden, but also bring an exotic tropical island holiday feeling to your home and pool area. Add a deck and privacy screens and you have yourself a Villa overlooking the garden or walls and sliding doors to create a  Cottage for the winter, a cosy hideaway from the elements and envy from your neighbours and friends.

Brisbane Thatch and Decks  custom build high quality Bali Huts to suit your requirements and space for same price as standard size Balinese gazebos.

Balinese Thatched Pavilions and Gazebos Maintenance

This Stunning hidden jewel in Kenmore is just another example of what could be achieved by well designed Balinese Thatched structures, Bali Pavilions and Bali Gazebos. These Bali Huts next to tennis court just ads to the tranquility of the audience with the stunning nature backdrop hiding the tennis players from the rest of the world with the birds sounds interrupted by sound of the tennis ball being send back over the net. This is outdoor paradise resort living rite at your backdoor.   


This is not out of your reach, Just call Brisbane Thatch and Decks  us for a stress free quote and one step closer to paradise.

Balinese thatch Pavilion for Tennis
Balinese thatch Pavilion for Tennis

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Balinese thatch Pavilion for Tennis
Balinese thatch Pavilion for Tennis

Bali Hut next to tennis court

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Balinese thatch Pavilion for Tennis
Balinese thatch Pavilion for Tennis

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Balinese thatch Pavilion for Tennis
Balinese thatch Pavilion for Tennis

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