Smart Thatch - Synthetic Palm Thatching

New to Brisbane and Australia:

Synthetic Thatch for Timber Frame Bali Huts and Gazebo's

Smart Thatch - Just arrived


Smart Thatch has just arrive. A new shade solution by Brisbane Thatch and Decks. The Synthetic Bali Hut Tiles are made from a polyurethane compound that is UV resistant and long lasting. Synthetic tiles biggest advantage, is that it will last for up to 50  years with no maintenance and minimal fading. Furthermore, it creates a luxurious Balinese Hut lifestyle anywhere in the garden, whether next to pools, resorts or at shop fronds. 


Smart thatch can be installed on its own or on top of other existing roofing covers or structures.

Synthetic Palm Thatch - Just arrived.


Driving north on the M1 in Queensland past Aussie World you will see the new upgraded Aussie wold with lost of Balinese Thatched additions on the outside of the building. Sitting inside the pub looking out you will notice that the Balinese thatch is actually none other than Smart Thatch.

Brisbane Thatch & Decks - Smart Synthetic Palm Thatch Tiles is a alternative and no fuss upgrade system  for Timber frame on the Gazebo's and Brushwood Huts. Synthetic thatch can easily be installed on existing timber or colour bond roofs to transform the theme to a luxurious tropical island resort ambiance with minimum effort.


Alternative to Bali Hut Re-Thatch
Best of both worlds


A new alternative to re-thatch your old Balinese Hut with Alang Alang thatch is to cover the existing natural thatch with Synthetic Thatch and thus for almost the same cost a Re-Thatch extend the life of your Bali Hut to 50 years. Covering your Bali Hut with Synthetic thatch will give you the best of both worlds. Have a 100% natural look on the inside of your Bali Hut while also enjoying the longevity of Synthetic Thatch on the outside of your existing Bali Hut. 

Just make a note: If your natural thatch is to far gone, covering the existing  thatch with synthetic thatch would not work because you want the inside view to be perfect without any signs of water damage.


The photo's is showing natural thatch that is covered with Synthetic Thatch.

Just some comparisons between Synthetic Palm Thatch and Palmex


Palmex is 770mm x 600mm x 0.7mm Thick.

Smart Thatch is 920mm x 620mm x 1.3mm Thick.

As we can see in the photo's. There is a much bigger gap in the Palmex leave fingers  than the no gaps in The Smart Thatch Leave fingers, which gives it a much smoother natural and full look. Because Smart Thatches fingers are much smoother than Palmex, it holds back 90% less leaves and stuff that may land up-on the roof.

Palmex loose a lot of coverage due to install method where Palmex leaves are trolled around the back strips or rails. This method leaves the Palmex leaves looking quite sad and saggy from the underneath.

I suppose the biggest advantage is the cost of the new Smart Synthetic Thatch.

Palmex do have a additional range of hip, ridge and crown cover tiles at a premium price that Smart Thatch don't have but to be honest by splitting the normal tiles you don't need all the extra types tiles. When we install Palmex we don't use any of the additional type hip, ridge and crown tiles.

Our overall conclusion is Smart Thatch is a definite improvement on Palmex.