Brushwood Roofs to Thatch Roofs


Can Brushwood Roofing be repaired?

Unfortunately, Brushwood roofing cannot be repaired due to durability and availability.


What options are there?

Due to quality, durability and aesthetic reasons, best would be to upgrade to Bali (Alang Alang) thatch.


Why Bali thatch?

Balinese thatching is versatile and can easily be applied to existing brushwood structures. Upgrading your gazebo to one of our prestigious Balinese pergolas, is easily done with minor reconstruction changes.

Balinese thatch roofing is longer lasting than Brushwood.

Brushwood roofing produces more debris – Bali thatch will ensure less maintenance.

Bali gazebos are waterproof.

Bali thatch ensures a 5-10˚C cooler shade, than Brushwood.

The in- and outside of Bali-structure is aesthetically pleasing. A feast for the eyes.


Thatching method

The old and damaged Brushwood, underlay and plywood is removed from current structure.

If need be, frame will be re-pitched to minimum 30˚ in order to strengthen the construction.

If required, additional rafters will be assessed and installed.

Kicker bar and ridge extension is provided and installed.

We thatch and transform your hut to a brand new prestige Balinese pergola.

Remove all old and unwanted materials from site.


If you would like to review the option discussed above, please feel free to contact our office (0404 576 966) for more information.Should you require a free quote, a site inspection can be arranged.



Brisbane Thatch and Decks has been serving in this industry for over 19 years and quite boasted of being praised by our wide range of customer base. We claim to be the one expert when it comes to brushwood roofing and Bali Thatching.

Few know about the fact that there are some substantial differences between brushwood roofing and Bali Thatching. Whereas Bali thatching can be repaired and maintained, brushwood roofs cannot be and it is on account of durability, availability and aesthetic reasons. We, rather suggest you to get it upgraded to Bali Thatch if you find brushwood roof is no more going well.

You, now, may be wondering about the usability of Balinese Thatch. Well, let us tell you that it is more versatile and can effortlessly be imposed upon your existing brushwood constructions. Additional advantages are such as –

  • Bali Huts Thatch is long lasting whereas brushwood roofing is not.

  • If you want to get rid of the troubles of unwanted debris, better switch to Bali hut thatching.

  • Having Bali Gazebos installed? Good, it is water resistant too.

  • Need cooler shade upto 5-10˚C? Embrace the Bali huts thatching.