Brisbane Thatch Gazebo Sales

3x5m Bali Hut with Kwila Deck supply and installed by Brisbane Tahtch and Decks
3x3 Bali Gazebo with deck by Brisbane Thatch and Decks

Balinese Gazebo


Gazebos date back to more than 3000 BC, and are found in the architectural structures of ancient China, Persia and many other European countries. In present-day Australia, England and America, gazebos are constructed of wood and covered with a variety of roofing materials, such as thatch, colorbond roofing, timber and clay-shingles. Gazebos include tent-style structures, raised with poles and covered by fabrics such as TFS.


Balinese gazebos are self-supporting structures, roofed with blady grass (Alang Alang). Traditionally these structures are not enclosed; and are built to provide shade, shelter and aesthetical value to a garden, beach, park or resort. Gazebos are popular in warm and sunny climates where outdoor life plays an important part in social life.


With our sunny climate, Aussies enjoy the tradition of open-air socials. Brisbane Thatch and Decking can help you spend more outdoor time with family and friends in the backyard, garden or next to the pool under a thatched gazebo (100% UV protection).


Brisbane Thatch and Deck’s gazebos include pavilions, pergolas, kiosks, belvederes, follies and rotundas.  Our gazebos can be custom-made to any size or shape in order to suit your needs. We can even put up gazebo-screens in order to keep flying insects out.


A pavilion built to take advantage of a view is referred to as a gazebo.