New Synthetic Bali Hut Thatch for Timber Frame Gazebo's

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Palmex Leaves

Unique Synthetic Thatch Rail Installation System 


Synthetic Bali Huts

Brisbane Thatch & Decks can now also do Synthetic alang alang Bali Thatched Balinese Huts

Although Brisbane thatch and decks Balinese Hut frames will last 50 years plus, Bali Thatch however does require to be re-thatched after about 10 to 15 years, it is after all a natural carbon storing product. Although Brisbane Thatch and Decks is the best prized to do your re-thatch with superior better graded, thicker thatch imported directly from Bali, Quite a few Clients opt for the now even lower  maintenance Palmex Bali Thatch look alike Synthetic Thatch tiles. Although the synthetic thatch can not compete with the amazing atmosphere created by the natural Alang Alang thatch it does have the advantage that it would last for 50 years. Palmex is perfect for those little corners next to the pool where you just want to forget the maintenance and look at the picture from your window every day. 

Palmex is also perfect on existing corrugated roofs and becoming very popular at resorts where massive areas needs to be covered with thatch and the inside look is not that important. 

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Synthetic Bali Thatch


Brisbane Thatch & Decks - Synthetic or Palmex Thatch Tiles is a alternative and no fuss upgrade system  for Timber frame Thatched Gazebo's and Brushwood Huts. Synthetic thatch can easily be used on existing timber or colour bond roofs to transform the theme to a luxurious tropical island resort ambiance with minimum effort. The Synthetic Bali Hut Tiles are made from a polyurethane compound that is UV resistant and long lasting. Synthetic tiles biggest advantage, is that it will last for up to 50  years with no maintenance and minimal fading. Furthermore, it creates a luxurious Balinese Hut lifestyle anywhere in the garden, whether next to pools, resorts or at shop fronds.

Please note : Palmex does not come with the Teracotta ridge capping - If Brisbane Thatch and Decks re-thatch a Bali Hut with Palmex we can re-use the existing Crown or Terracotta Ridge Capping. We can however supply a new Crown or Terracotta Ridge Capping with Finials on request from our valued clients.

Inside View Synthetic Bali Thatch - Palmex


The developers of the Synthetic product Palmex has gone to great lengths to make the inside of the of the synthetic thatch as natural looking as possible. However it does not look quite as attractive as Alang Alang Bali Thatch but it is the only synthetic Thatch on the market that is 100% water proof. The manufactures have test dating back 25 years and based on these test they can confidently claim that Palmex would last for 50 years.