Trimmed Balinese Huts and Gazebo's

Please note that the new thatch on the Balinese Huts above  still needs to settle. It normally takes around three months to settle.

Brisbane Trimmed Thatch Bali Huts

Balinese Thatch is a natural product and part of its character is the Japanese Blade grass leaves blowing in the tropical wind giving it that remote Balinese island feel right in your very own backyard.

But for those who like things nice and tidy, we can trim the edges. I do however suggest to wait a few months before trimming the thatch... Partly for the thatch to settle and partly for our clients to see if they get use to the natural thatch look. For those people who does not instantly fall in love with the natural shabby look it really grows on you after a while, After all it is a very natural product. If we trim the thatch it does not grow back! Fifteen years ago I only know the nice and tidy African Thatch and it took me a while to get use to the Balinese Thatch look but now I  just love it...

Trimmed or not, The Balinese Hut is still a amazing solid robust  insulated outdoor shaded entertainment roofed area with nothing coming close to the natural feel and ambiance.

The inside of the Bali huts is actually what is selling the Bali Huts. If you look up to the golden coloured thatch lines you instantly feel in touch with nature. The smell tells it all...

The above photos is a of a Imported Balinese Hut that we Re-Thatched and then trimmed after a few months. please note that if you planned to trim your Balinese hut it is a good idea to install your Bali Hut  a little lower than usual and also keep in mind that the shade area would be a little smaller.