Repairs and Maintenace on Balinese Pergolas,

Huts and Gazebos

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Installations, Maintenance and Repairs of Bali Huts


Brisbane Thatch Bali Hut frames are maintenance free. The thatch however will need some form of maintenance due to old age, storms, fallen trees or other factors that may cause damage. We are fully equipped to provide after sales service and any preventative or needed maintenance require in the coming years.

Replace Mudbugs.​

One test to know if you picked the rite crew to do build and install your Balinese Pergola will only be obvious after a few the years has gone by. If you see the stars after three to five years looking up inside your Balinese Pergola, you probably did not order from Brisbane Thatch and Decks!


Brisbane Thatch and decks have repaired countless Bali Huts and we can most certainly not only repair your damage Bali Hut but also improve it to gain longest possible thatch life.


There is only a hand full of Thatching companies who can do mudbug (hip coverings) repairs on a 450 pitch Balinese Roof. We Can !

Upgrade Brushwood to Balinese Thatch.​

There is no need to demolish your old Brushwood hut!


Brushwood thatch structures can easily be upgraded with minor changes and reconstruction to accommodate longer lasting Balinese thatching. Thus turning old run down structure into a prestigious Balinese Pavilion and the envy of all your neighbours and friends.

Complete Re-thatch.​

Our Brisbane Thatch and Deck's teams have the hands on experience and expertise gained over fifteen years in the thatching art. We have superior thatching techniques with no weak links which results in the longest thatch lifespan possible.


We can boldly claim that no other thatching company in Australia can do a superior install or just thatching (Re-Thatching) job than our Brisbane Thatch Teams.

Yes we can fix it !


Are you the owner of a leaking gazebo? We can fix it!


Brisbane Thatch & Deck can repair any problem on any shape or size Bali gazebo/thatch roof.


We have repaired countless Bali Gazebos and have learned from other’s mistakes. Our expertise and experience ensures that problem areas can immediately be identified, repaired and solved.


We repair any damage to gazebos, e.g. damage due to storms or fallen trees.


You may have a section of the roof that is perfectly fine, perhaps because it had been rethatched separately a few years earlier. In such cases, the newer thatch will gradually darken as it ages. Within a short time you won't even be able to see where the older and newer thatch patches meet.

Brushwood Roofing And Structures


Can Brushwood Roofing be repaired?

Unfortunately, Brushwood roofing cannot be repaired due to durability and availability.


What options are there?

Due to quality, durability and aesthetic reasons, best would be to upgrade to Bali (Alang Alang) thatch.


Why Bali thatch?

Balinese thatching is versatile and can easily be applied to existing brushwood structures. Upgrading your gazebo to one of our prestigious Balinese pergolas, is easily done with minor reconstruction changes.

Balinese thatch roofing is longer lasting than Brushwood.

Brushwood roofing produces more debris – Bali thatch will ensure less maintenance.

Bali gazebos are waterproof.

Bali thatch ensures a 5-10˚C cooler shade, than Brushwood.

The in- and outside of Bali-structure is aesthetically pleasing. A feast for the eyes.


Thatching method

The old and damaged Brushwood, underlay and plywood is removed from current structure.

If need be, frame will be re-pitched to minimum 30˚ in order to strengthen the construction.

If required, additional rafters will be assessed and installed.

Kicker bar and ridge extension is provided and installed.

We thatch and transform your hut to a brand new prestige Balinese pergola.

Remove all old and unwanted materials from site.


If you would like to review the option discussed above, please feel free to contact our office (0404 576 966) for more information.Should you require a free quote, a site inspection can be arranged.


Rethatching Balinese gazebos


Brisbane Thatch & Decking offers a complete rethatching service for all types of thatched gazebos. Top quality imported A-grade thatch is used to ensure longevity and durability.


Our rethatching service includes removal of the old and damaged thatch.


At some stage a Balinese Gazebo will need to be rethatched. There is a multitude of reasons why this might be needed: storm damage; old-age; tree damage; lack of minor roof maintenance.


Why choose Brisbane Thatch & Deck to rethatch your gazebo?


Brisbane Thatch and Deck prides in utilising the highest quality thatch, most affordable and longest lasting thatching techniques, to ensure that our gazebos have the longest life possible.


We provide excellent services to ensure your brand new gazebo will keep its beauty and splendour.


In addition, if you have purchased your original gazebo from us, please note that we have a 20 year warranty on our structure materials as well as workmanship on the frame construction.


However, if you have an existing frame and it requires restraining or maintenance, Brisbane Thatch and Deck can upgrade the existing frame by restraining, reinforcing or structurally improving it.


The rethatch work will be carried out by our master thatchers, each with years of thatching experience.


All old/damaged thatch will be removed from site.


We provide an after sale service. Should you have any concerns about your gazebo, whether it be maintenance, damage repair or rethatching, please contact us at or


If you would like to review any of the topics discussed above, please feel free to contact our office for more information. Should you want a quote, a site inspection can be arranged.


Re-thatch Balinese Hut

 "Poor man Pays twice".


                             Not on our watch !


Brisbane Thatch and Decks have the specialist expertise and experience to do the job rite the first time.


Brisbane Thatch and Decks can strengthen rebuild your existing tired imported Balinese structure to much stronger and superior lasting Brisbane Thatch Balinese Gazebo design that would last three times longer than their imported untreated coconut palm timber cousin's. But the biggest flaw of the imported Balinese huts is not the looks but the panels it comes in to save time to install it. After 3 - 5 years it will leak on the weak spots, the joints, leaking water will damage the timber frame. Our specialist thatching method reinforces  the weak spots and eliminates the weak links saving you money at the end of the day. Our superior Australian standard frames comes with a 20 year warrantee do not get damage by water or white ants.


Luckily some imported structures can be re-thatched if it's done before too much water damage had occur, just give us a call to receive a visit from our experts to determine what is the best solution for your proud Bali Hut. We can fix it....

Rebuild your Imported

Balinese Gazebo.