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Thatch and Decks is a match made in Heaven and soon became the home of the outdoor Jacuzzi.


Originally found only on ships 50 years ago, today a must have around the modern home, mirroring the indoors convenience to the great sunny Australian outdoors openness and lifestyle.



Thatch and Timber Decks are both natural carbon lock in products.


Decks around pools, Patio's and Al Fresco areas is a very cost effective alternative to cover uneven terrain and elevate a Bali Hut to Pavilion and Gazebo status.


Decks in conjunction with Balinese Patios extends the luxurious indoors to same level outdoors living and presents an unforgettable Al Fresco dining area.



How about getting a Jacuzzi Deck installed?


If you are fond of a Jacuzzi, then you must be looking for the one with the best decks. A few decades ago, relaxing in a large bathtub with a system of body massage was only possible on ships, but today, it is possible right in the backyard of your home. All you need to do is call Brisbane Thatch and Decks over to the site.


Featured decks in Brisbane

We are the best for Bali Huts Thatching and Decking. The feeling of a tropical lifestyle is now possible for you too if you have us to do the decking for your home or resort. Decking with screen is the best way to prevent onlookers from gazing.


For an elevation, if you want decks around your pool, patios or Al Fresco, call us for prompt and quality installation. Besides, if you are looking forward to making a conjunction of Balinese Patios with decks, try our thatch and timber decks, we promise that it would certainly be worth trying.

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