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African Cape Reed Gazebo's


Brisbane Thatch and decks do all maintenance on African Cape reed Gazebo's.

If you are interested in installing a new African Cape Reed Gazebo, Please take into account that the African Cape reed Gazebo's does not last as long as the Balinese Huts. The average lifespan on the African Cape Reed tiles is 5 to 7 years. 

But if you have a existing African Cape reed Thatch Hut feel free to get a Quote from Brisbane Thatch and Decks to re-thatch your African Cape Reed Gazebo.

Please go to the following link (African Cape Reed dimensions ) to help us measure your African Cape Reed Gazebo and give you a very accurate quote. 

Also watch the video it your not sure what type of Gazebo you have and also just for more information about African Cape Reed Gazebo's.

History and African Cape Reed Hut Origions

Zulu Thatch Hut

Africa Rondawel

Africa Cape Reed Thatch has been used in Southern parts Africa by ethnical groups such as the traditional Zulu's over centuries ago. The Biggest and strongest ethnical group was made very popular by the film Shaka Zulu. Thatch Roofing  was Adopted by Jan Van Riebeeuk's Dutch Settlers in 1652 when they  established trade routes around the southern tip of Africa around cape town. Thatch roofing was used on the first homes and dwellings they erected and the Cape Dutch Architecture was born. Today Thatch is still been used for its aesthetic and Natural insulation properties for  house roofs and Lapa's. A Lapa is basically a round or oval shaped Bali Hut but thatched with African Cape Reed Thatch. It's extremely popular in Cape Town, the Bush veld and In National wildlife sanctuaries such as the Kruger National Park..  Today you can own a piece of tradition by installing a African Cape Reed Thatch Hut or Gazebo.

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