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We at Brisbane Thatch and Decks has spend 14 years perfecting installing methods and Balinese hut frames to get the best results, ease of installations and longest thatch life.


Even if you employ the services of a qualified builder to build your Bali Hut we still advise not to just buy the thatch but the whole Balinese Hut Kit. Brisbane Thatch and Decks Bali Hut Kits come pre-stained, Pre-marked for assembly and thatching lines and is cut to perfection. Perfectly square with all the little extra secrets to extend the life of the thatch. We have taken traditional thatching methods, improve and modernize it. It will take a builder just as long just to mark the lines on the frame where the thatch must be attach than to install the whole Bali hut frame ones the post is in place. And it would take a builder ten times longer staining a frame ones its erected. Buying a frame from us safe you on timber as well - simply because you will have no off cuts that you have to pay for at all.


Using a Brisbane Thatch and Decks precut kit frame will save you time and money if the builder charges you by the hour.


Brisbane Thatch and Decks uses highest quality structural grade ruffer headed H3 CCA treated post and F7 hardness Stained Radiata pine for the frames. The treatment protects against white ants and weather conditions for up to 50 years. Our Coppers logs post is H5 CCA treated - 50 years in ground - Same as the overhead electricity post on our streets.


Brisbane thatch and decks have done all the research. Our clients do not have to reinvent the wheel. Our valued clients  just need to follow the easy installation instructions and not worry about anything else than finding time to sit and relax under a Brisbane Thatch and Decks Balinese Hut or Gazebo.

Imported DIY kits...


Imported DIY bali hut kits mite cost less in the beginning than a profesinally locally build and installed Brisbane Thatch and Decks Bali Hut.


Facts to consider choosing a Imported Bali hut Kit To A locally build Bali Gazebo.


= The imported kits frames is very soft and untreated cocunut pine.

Its is not treated for termites.


= The imported kits is not treated for wheather, and because it will start leaking after 3 - 4 years the sofs cocunut pine timber will start rotting in 5 - 7 years. Our frame will last up to 50 year in open wheather.


= The Imported frames comes in heavy pre-build panes, you will need few poeple to do the heavy lifting way above you head.


= The Imported thatch frame the panels always leak on the joints after 3 to 4 years.


= The imported thatch kits use a lower quality local thatch to minimize weight and space for tranport and instalation.


= There is no local help and advice installing imported kits.


= It cost more to re-thatch a imported frame than a brisbane Thatch and Decks frame.


= The method installing the mudbugs (bundles of thatch covering the hips) is not very durable. You are lucky if it last for three years without leaking. Sure it looks great just after you installed it but your want it to last 10 to 15 years before you do any maintenace on the roof.


= The method imported bali hut thatch is installed for ease of transport is actully the worse way to install thatch period.


At the end of the day, if you buy based on price alone it's gonne cost you more than buing on quality and then compare price...




Brisbane Thatch's DIY Bali Hut Kits


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