Brisbane Thatch and Decks would Upgrade your Imported Bali Hut to Australian Standards.


There is some fundamental flaws with imported Bali Huts which we really need to look at when choosing and investing in a presumably Quality Balinese Hut, A Bali Hut that would add value to assess and not leave you with empty pockets after only 3 years.


Imported Bali huts come in  prefabricated flat pack panels the Joints are the weakest link. So the first place damage to the frame will occur is on the hips but the hips are the most critical part to keep the frame intact. Because the method they use to attach the Mudbugs, The frames hips will be exposed as soon as 3 years after installation to the elements, rain will cause the most damage. There is a very real chance that wood rot will set in if mudbugs is not replace soon with the correct installation method...  If too much Damage has set in  the case we can't rethatch the structure.

Facts you need to know before deciding to purchase a Imported Bali Hut.  

  • Imported Bali huts frames is not treated against termites.

  • Imported Bali huts frames is not treated against weather.

  • Imported Bali Huts thatch is not best quality.

  • Imported Bali huts Thatch is not treated with fire retardant.  

  • Imported Bali huts is not longs lasting investment.

  • Imported Bali Huts Cant be installed on uneven surfaces.

  • Imported Bali Huts will leak on the panel joints.

  • Imported Bali huts comes in heavy panels and can cause injury installing it.

  • Imported Bali huts Will leak on the hips, The method covering the hips is not sustainable for longer than 3 years.

  • Imported Bali huts will start leaning to one side after a long period.

  • Imported Bali huts is build out of soft Coconut Pine - I repeat Soft Coconut Pine -

  • Imported Bali huts come with no warrantees.

  • Imported Bali huts not build to Australian Standards.


 Brisbane Thatch and Decks could rethatch most imported Bali huts to a much higher, more sustainable standard than what is was when originally installed.

But when the badly installed thatch starts to leak and if the Soft coconut frames are left too long exposed to the elements and the rain and sun starts to dry out the timber and timber rot starts to take hold  of the structure of the imported Bali Hut. Not even to mention white ants, they just love soft Coconut Pine.


But all is not lost....


If too much damage has occur to the  imported Bali Hut frames, Brisbane Thatch and Decks,  remove the existing soft coconut pine timber frame and replace it with a new Brisbane Thatch Bali Hut frame, That would last 50 years plus and thatch it at 75mm Thatch spacing's with A-grade Export Quality Thermal Alang Alang Factory Treated Fire Retarded Thatch .


Importing a "Flat Pack Bali Hut with Deck" directly from Bali is most certainly cheaper but certainly not in the same class as a solidly custom design and build to Australian Standards Balinese Pavilion by the Brisbane Thatch Team.

Advantages of custom design and built Brisbane Thatch Balinese Huts, Pergolas, Gazebos and Pavilions.


  • Brisbane Thatch Bali huts frames is treated against termites.

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali huts frames is treated against weather.

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts thatch is the very best quality.

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali huts Thatch is treated with fire retardant.  

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali huts is a longs lasting investment.

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts Can be installed on uneven surfaces.

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts will not leak on the panel joints, We have no panel joints.

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali huts are precut, stained and marked. There is no weak links in our system.  

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali huts use a much more reliable method to install mudbugs that will last 90% Longer than our competitors. (10% of the Thatching companies out there do install the mudbugs correctly, We will admit that)

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali huts will outlast 90% of our competitors Balinese Huts.

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali hut frames is build with Copper Chrome Arsenic H3 Treated Slow Growing New Zealand F7 Hardness Radiata Pine - Not A soft timber as we know it.

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali huts come with 20year manufactures warrantee.

  • Brisbane Thatch Bali huts is build to Australian Standards.


Brisbane Thatch and deck's structures stand solid and sturdy in ground with both a flat or sloping surface area. We use only the best materials, A-Grade Thatch, Timber and post CCA treated against weather and terminate attacks. We have superior thatching techniques with no weak joints which results in a much longer thatch lifespan and less maintenance. Our frames will last a lifetime and when it comes to re-thatching, we are the best and offer a competitive after market service.


We have the expertise and experience to do the job rite the first time.