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Brisbane Thatch and Decks supply a very high quality Alang Alang A-Grade Export Thermal Thatch Australia wide for sale.


Brisbane Thatch and Decks will also send you the correct thatching install guide - Showing how to build up the ridge or king post depending on your type of Balinese Gazebo.


Biggest mistake made by 90% of potential thatch buyers is that they just consider price as a guide to buy thatch.


Even white string A-grade Thatch has different qualities.


Just to show you some differences in the thatch qualities - Both samples is export quality and both samples is sold as top grade thatch ?


Our thatch is on the top. On the bottom is thatch sold by our competitors as best quality but look at the thatch density and length. With our thatch you can do 75mm thatch spacing's and it would be much thicker and denser than 65mm thatch spacing's use by our competitors. How and where the thatch strips are joined is critical to the thatch lifespan. 


Please speak to our experts before buying Thatch !


4x5m Balinese hut build and install by Brisbane Thatch and Decks

Mudbugs the hidden factor...


Unfortunately you cannot see the mudbugs. The thatch you just look up and marvel at their natural beauty.


The mudbugs is basically just visible from the outside. If it's not installed correctly your will only know after 3 - 5 years!


Mudbugs - It's like a houses foundation. Nobody ever see it but if its badly done and the cracks appear - everybody take  notice it then...


Sometimes potential buyers get carried away by thatch spacing's not knowing that the weakest link is actually the Mudbugs (Bundles of thatch covering the hips).   


Good quality mudbugs is the factor that will determine how long your Bali Hut will last without maintenace.


But the biggest factor is the thatching method.


The method installing Thatch and Mudbugs is very critical and could be the difference of doing maintenance in 3 - 5 years than 10 to 15 years.


Even excellent thatch will not last if you have poor thatching techniques.


We studied other companies thatching methods for years and old Balinese huts that needed repairs and came up with the best thatching methods and practices.


Brisbane Thatch's Thatch on top compared to some of our competitors thatch at the bottom...

Bali Thatch for Sale

Brisbane Thatch's Mudbugs on top compared to some of our competitors Brooms at the bottom...

Brisbane Thatch's Thatch for Sale...

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