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Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts and Decks
Brisbane Thatch and Decks
Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts and Decks
Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts and Decks
Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts and Decks
Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts and Decks
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Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts and Decks
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Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts and Decks
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Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts and Decks

Bali Huts and African Gazebos

by Brisbane Thatch and Decks


Brisbane Tahtch ans Decks invite you to ask any questions, Brisbane thatch will put your name next to your qoustion, if you dont want us to do that just let us know and we will keep your question confidential.



FAQ - Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts

1) Chris - "Do you ship pre fabricated Bali Huts ?"


Hi Chris


Do It Your Self Kits
Thank You for your enquiry.
We don't sell pre fabricated Bali Huts for the simple reason that it is not as waterproof and the joints do not last as long as a professionally build Balinese Hut (Cabana). Pre-fabricated Bali Huts will start leaking on the joints on the flat triangular surfaces and on the hips. Brisbane Thatch and decks have a test and trial method installing mudbugs (bundles thatch to cover the hips) that does not accommodate pre fabricated Bali hut frames. Brisbane Thatch do however sell DIY kits with detailed instructions that last much longer and pack smaller for transport which brings the price down naturally. Our frames are pre-cut, marked and stained to your choice colour. Installing the thatch are very simple with the correct guidelines and you will need less man power to install the kits. Les risk of injury to the installer or DIY warriors.
However, A 2x2m Balinese Hut is small enough to pre-fabricate and be lifted in position by few strong men.


Brisbane Thatch and Decks

2) Patsy - "I have a 3x3m Bali Hut that needs new thatching. (a) Do you service Sunshine Coast (Maleny) and (b) Approx cost of natural and synthetic options?"


Good Day Patsy


Yes! our teams do service the Sunshine Coast.


If you want to re-thatch the traditional timber Bali Hut frames with the Synthetic thatch there is some aspects to take into consideration. The Synthetic Thatch is not water proof. The synthetic thatch cost a double the price of the Balinese Thatch and is basically design to replace cape reed thatch on the African Cape reed steel frame gazebo's. Brisbane Thatch and Decks can re-thatch the Timber Balinese Hut frames with the Synthetic thatch but we will have to fit additional timber rafters on top of the existing Bali hut frame to attach the new Synthetic Balinese Thatch to the frame. The Synthetic Thatch does not have corner pieces so we need to build up the hips with strait Synthetic tiles. This is done by bending the strait tiles and adding a second layer on top of the first layer. But please note you will still see some sunlight coming through. This method imply that you will unfortunately loose the attractive aesthetic look on the inside of the Balinese Huts which makes it so attractive in the first place and what makes the Bali Huts so sought after. The Synthetic tiles is design for shade, if you want a waterproof area under the Bali Hut the Natural Balinese Thatch is superior. The one major advantage though is that the Synthetic Thatch will last double the time of the Natural Balinese Thatch but for double the of the cost of the Natural Balinese Thatch. Also take into consideration that our thatching methods and better quality thatch will last longer than most of the other thatching companies out there. 


 I hope this information would help you to decide on the product.

3) Micheal - "We would be looking at a 4x3m Bali Hut sitting on a concrete slab - I have a few questions"


Good Day Michael


Just to answer some of your questions...


1.       How waterproof Is A Balinese Hut ?  Could we safely have power installed to the hut (e.g. ceiling fan/power points)?


Bali Huts is 100% waterproof if it's installed correctly.

Our huts do have a additional ridge build up which also prolong the life - this is one area most contractors will take a short cut. ( not building the ridge up they save a couple dollars and client left with additional cost after 3  - 4 years)

we have lots clients who have TV's and ceiling fans installed inside their Bali Huts.

But its preferable to use low heat lights though...

Lights that shine up looks amazing at night though...


2.       Do any of your huts come with optional walls?  I would like a 1.2m wall on the two shorter sides.

Our builders can build and supply you with two walls -


You just need to decide on the cladding ( Normally Bamboo with timber frame of merbua decking)


3.       I live near Toowoomba, how much does it cost to freight up?


Delivery is $100 to Toowoomba


4.       I assume I can self-install (after obtaining council approval)?  Do you guys install?


We do install Balinese hut - We are the best in the thatching business and we use qbcc license installers...


A 3x3 you do not need council approval but on a 3x4 you do.. But in saying that - 7 Years ago the council did not have any descriptions for Bali huts on there listings so they put it through as Shade sails which you do not need council approval for. So basically there is literally 1000's Bali huts out there with no council approval at all... (They just older than 7 years)...


But also take into account that a 3x3 have a shade area of 4.1x4.1m  


If its freestanding - On concrete floor its also seen as a removable structure.


I'm not so sure what council approval in Toowoomba would cost but its around $1000 in Brisbane.


We can supply you with a engineer certificate if you do opt to put the Bali hut through council at a later stage ($200)...

To keep our cost competitive we do offer that as optional...


5.       Are your huts hardwood or pine?


We use Slow growing New Zealand CCA H3 Radiate pine with F7 - F8 hardness... It's not as soft as what you would think of if you think of pine. The frame would last 50years plus with no dramas... It's Treated Against Termites attacks and Weather.. It's stained dark ironbark and its looks amazing against the light thatch color...


We use various size Coppers log Post depending on your budget and requirements

The post is Also CCA Treated H5 ( It can literally stand in Water for 50years).


6.       I’m keen on low maintenance/long life.  How long would you expect the thatch to last (full exposure to elements)?


Thatch last longer in full sun but depending on wind and extreme weather conditions the thatch should last for 10 to 15 years...


Our rethatching prices is also very competitive so we will be there for any maintenance what so ever..


The frame and post is maintenance free for life - The post might just need to be restrained after a few years in the sun. The sun tends to bleach the stain after a while.  


7.       Is there anything else I should be aware of?


Absolutely - Some thatching companies have low kit prices - They do not give you enough thatch so after you almost finished thatching you have to buy more thatch. (Then it ends up costing you more)

If they install the mudbugs on a stick like a skewer - Beat them with the stick ! It's a terrible method... (But don't worry - we can fix it after 4 years ). We repair 2 to 3 of those a month...
They also shortcut on mudbugs (bundles thatch on the hips)
Correct way the join thatching strips... Very important !
Quality of thatch - Basically stay away from the black string thatch but even the white string thatch have a vast different quality that would affect the lifespan... We have a very neat long and thickly woven thatch... Some thatch just looks scruffy...
We have build and installed more than   1500 Balinese Huts - Experience counts...
Also we have repaired just as many Bali huts - so we have learned from others mistakes...

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact Marina (0404 576 966) or Johan (0417 219 091).
Kind regards,

4) Andew - "What is the price for a 3x3 and also 4x4 African Gazebos ?"


Good morning Andrew
Thank your for your enquiry.
A 3x3 Square Africa Gazebo with stained timber frame would cost $6400 installed
A 4x4 Square African Gazebos with stained timber frame Would be $8200 installed
Please take note - The round steel frame African Gazebo's will cost less than the timber framed huts. Its got a much smaller roof area. But to compare Bali with African huts its better to have the same roof areas... Although the African Gazebo's have a 150mm overhang and The Balinese Gazebo's have a 600mm Overhang.. So even thought the frame sizes are the same the shade  areas also differ a lot between the two competitors...
Just for interest sake we can compare that to a Balinese Hut..
A 3x3 Bali hut would cost $4200 Installed and a 4x4 $6000.
We can also trim the edges of the Balinese Hut to give it a totally different feel...
Just take into account that the Africa huts is 85%  Water proof. (I know they say 95% in heavy rain but they are pushing it a little) The African thatch will last 5 to 7 years and make a lot of mess after about 4 years... To rethatch the African hut would cost 30% more than rethatching the Balinese hut... We have started to rethatch  a lot of the old African thatch huts with very popular Synthetic Balinese Thatch that last for 20 years but again it's about 80% water proof...
 The Bali huts is 100% waterproof and will outlast the African Thatch Tiles by 5 to 10 years. Bali thatch have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years... we have seen roofs that looked good after 15 years but there are a few rules to follow which we will go trough with you... The frame and post thought will last 50 years plus. Both are treated for wheatear and termite attacks...
Andrew - my advice would be to install a Bali Hut... But if you want a African Gazebos we are more than happy to build and install one for you...
Also if you want a steel frame African Gazebo we will give you a price on that as well... But please take into account that the thatch itself does not last very long and it get very messy after 4 years...

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact Johan (0417 219 091).
Kind regards,
Johan Lourens

5) Africa Synthetic Thatch Timber Frame, Shingle Huts and Balinese Huts.
Bear in mind some companies will sell a 5x5 Bali Hut as a 6x6 because the Bali huts have a 500 - 600mm overhang... We measure the Hut by the frame size and not the overhang size... With our kids to transport cost effectively we can send maximum 4 m lengths. So in saying that - Transport for a 6x6 would cost double what Transport / Delivery for a 4x8 would cost...But just to give you some information...The Synthetic thatch we stock is designed for the round steel frame African Gazebo's. The Africa Thatch does not last very long so they have come up with a Synthetic Thatch that looks like the Balinese Thatch that fits on the African steel frames. Synthetic thatch could be installed on a Balinese Hut Frame - But It will need some battens fitted. The Synthetic Thatch Tiles could be fitted to the Battens with screws or staples. Just take into account that the Synthetic Thatch is 65% Water proof. (I know they say 85% in heavy rain but they are pushing it a little) The Bali huts is 100% waterproof and the thatch will last 12 - 15 years. The frame and post thought will last 50 years plus. Both are treated for wheatear and termite attacks... Juts to give you some ideas on prices - A 4x8 Balinese Hut on 6 post would Cost $6950 excluding delivery. If that was a New Synthetic Thatch Hut it would cost $ 12700.Please let me know if I should get quote to you for delivery if you are happy with the prices but also send me more information about the hut you need...
6) "The Crowns we use on Square Balinese Huts"




Brisbane Tahtch Bali Hut Crowns
7) "The Ridge Capping we use on Rectangular Balinese Huts"




8) Kathleen - "What is the diferance and reasons between 75mm and 100mm thatch spacings?"


Good day Kathleen
Well - we basically use a 75mm Thatch spacing as standard. The thatch come in 2.5m long strips ( Basically Japanese Blade grass tied with a string around a bamboo stick ). These strips we staple the frame at 75mm Spacing's... Because we have a very long, thick and dense thatch we can space the thatch at 100mm to save a little on the initial cost... The 75mm spacing's look a little bit better for the trained eye than the 100mm spacing's from the inside... There is three other critical aspects though. 1) The ridge has to be build up! We make sure it is. Our reputation rest on it. 2) The mudbugs must be installed correctly and enough mudbugs (bundles of thatch covering the hips where the thatch join) ... The mudbugs can not be seen and if that is done incorrectly or the thatching companies try to save a little money by installing less mudbugs, no one will ever know until about 3 years later when you have holes in your roof on the ridge or the hips... 3) The Teracotta ridge capping with decorative ends must be big enough to cover the top of the thatch strings! Some companies use a very small and narrow ridge cover...  
Also please note we only use Thatch that has been factory treated with a fire retartend....

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact Johan 0417 219 091.
Kind regards,
Johan Lourens

9) John - "Why does the thatch looks different on the outside after the mudbugs has been replaced?"


Good Day John


Mudbug replace and ridge replace...  


Like we discussed the thatch we use is the very best Alang Alang export grade Thermal Thatch.


When we do a mudbug repair / replace the new thatch will look different to the established thatch - It will take about a year to change into the same colour than the original thatch. But like I said if you pull out a string from the inside of the original thatch you will see its exactly the same Alang alang thatch just different age... Basically you comparing a baby to Adult ? The only way to get everything the same colour and texture  is to rethatch the whole roof... The thatch will settle after a few months and also darken after a year or so... With time its forms a hard crush on top and the birds should leave that alone... I have to ad we never had problems with birds.. They would not be able to pull the thatch out though... Also - there would be a little bits of loose thatch coming off the roof for a month or so but it will stop. It's normal, it's just loose thatch on the roof still stuck between the new thatch...


We do give a 15 year installers guarantee...  We can't give any guarantees on the thatch except that we guarantee we are using the best A-grade thatch in Australia. The thatch should last 15 to 17 years under the perfect conditions. If it's under trees it would not last long due to the fact that it does not dry out fast enough, leave laying on the thatch will decay and rot the thatch and the branches rubbing over the thatch roof will mechanically damage the thatch. 


Also - there mite be water leaks between the new thatch and the original thatch especially towards the ridge- the thatch just need to be fluffed to interlock.


You can use a scissor or we can trim the ends of the mudbugs for you after it has settled to match the length of the existing thatch if you like.


Please feel free if you need us to come out and do some adjustments to the roof. 
Kind regards,
Johan Lourens

10) "How to build a very cheap low quality Bali Hut ?"


Please watch this video...


This Balinese Gazebos is OK if you want a Balinese Gazebo that would last just 3 years. But if you want real quality please contact Brisbane Thatch and Decks.


Yes ! This video shows us how to build a Bali Hut but the quality of the thatch is just shocking. The mudbugs (bundles thatch covering the hips) is a disgrace. Very very thin and it looks like they have just strip thatch off the bamboo and made their own. The nails through the mudbugs are tied with whit wire but it would not last, it's wrong technique all together. The thatch strips is short and very very thin.  The thatch strip ends is exposed. The hips are not double. the post are not concreted in. We do not know if the frame and post are CCA Treated to last 30 years plus. We also do not know if the fasteners is galvanized. The installing method is dangerous to say the least, Only if you want to did it yourself. Where is the Crown ?


It's ok if you want a Balinese Gazebo that would last just 3 years.

But if you want real deal and superior quality please contact Brisbane Thatch and Decks.



11) Ian - "Hi Johan, and thanks for your reply. Sad that we missed the special you had, but thanks for your revised quote.Just as a question, what sort of a warranty is there on the product you have quoted on? It looks very similar to the thatch we originally installed, which began to deteriorate after about four years.Look forward to your reply.Kind Regards, Ian Wilson ?"


Good Day Ian Well, The thatch is a natural product and it does start to deteriorate after a couple of years. Extreme weather like hail and very strong wind gusts will take it's toll... However we do Guarantee the Thatch Quality and Thickness... It does deteriorate with time but because we start with thick thatch it will last longer. Its normal for our thatch to last 12 to 15 years... There is some simple steps you can take to make sure the thatch last longer. Like keeping the roof in the open, No other trees and growing over it and make sure the pitch is at least 35 degrees... Also stagger the joints and remove loose leaves and branches that mite fall and stay stuck on the roof... Also build the ridge up high and double the mudbugs if you can... Cover the top of the roof with a good ridge capping or crown... Hope this would help with your Bali hut maintenance.. Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact Adele at 0408 730 050 or Johan 0417 219 091. Kind regards,
Kind regards,
Johan Lourens