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Brisbane Thatch & Deck’s has obtained  professional  hands-on experience since 2003 and was trained by Oz Thatch which where started in 1995. Brisbane Thatch have improved and perfected the art of thatching in South East Queensland thus eliminating all possible glitches in order to ensure high quality work on our Bali Huts and guaranteeing client satisfaction. Our excellent craftsmanship obtained through ongoing trail and tested methods guarantees Brisbane Thatch quality work that will outlast any other Bali gazebo. Additionally, we do repairs and partial replacements of thatch. Should the frame and thatch be irreparable, we will replace the whole structure at the best prices.


Custom made Balinese Pergolas, Gazebos and Pavilions


We often work with architects and property developers for custom made unique gazebos and outdoor areas, in order to fit the exact need of the client.


Can I do it myself?


To assemble your own Balinese Thatched Gazebo, simply purchase a DIY Bali Hut Kit containing all the necessary materials and instructions. One of our master thatchers will only be a phone call away to guide and advise you.


Installation options


Our Balinese gazebos can be installed with posts in-ground or as freestanding structures on an existing concrete slab.



Relax and Avoid all Stress

Natural Brisbane Bali Huts - Like Sitting unde a Tree


Relax and Avoid all Stressm

Relaxunder Brisbane Thatch Bali Hut


Brisbane Thatch - Bali Huts

Stay Cool with a  Brisbane Thatch

Bali Hut

Relaxing under a all natural material Brisbane Thatch & Decks, Bali Hut or African Cape Reed Gazebo is like sitting under a tree. Thatch is a naturally insulated material and is up to 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding areas. 


Bali huts is aesthetically pleasing and blends in with all surrounding areas. Rain or shine, thatch has its unique benefits. Thatch absorbs sound, no noise under a Bali hut like under a colour bond roof when it's raining !

Bali Huts is also the perfect privacy screens form nosy neighbours! No more rubber necks in the kitchen of the house next door while you relaxing stress free next to the pool. Brisbane Thatch and Decks can custom design the your Bali Hut to screen out certain unwanted views..

For those clients who like things nice and tidy and do not fall in love with the amazing natural thatch look we can sadly trim the Bali Hut thatch fringe giving your Bali hut a trimmed look.

Information - Bali Huts

Plan Design and Order New Balinese Gazebo

Should you want quote on a new custom design Balinese Pergola and/or Deck please contact us on email below.

To assist in the quote, a site inspection can be arranged.

If you would like to review any of the topics discussed above, please feel free to contact our office for more information.


Quality materials

We use the highest quality, imported thatch from selected suppliers in Bali. Our Bali Gazebo frames and posts are weather and termite treated. All frames are all pre-stained in a spray booth for best quality and durability.


Quality workmanship

We pride ourselves on quality qualified workmanship. Brisbane Thatch & Deck’s Balinese gazebos have very low maintenance requirements and are 100% waterproof.


Advantages of thatch gazebos

Thatch Gazebos are naturally insulated, and are up to 10 °C cooler in summer than any other roofing material. Thatch breathes naturally, allowing any trapped heat and moisture to escape, providing an ideal Brisbane summer solution.



Combining traditional methods with modern day advanced and specialised thatching techniques, natural thatch has become an exciting and attractive alternative to conventional roofing material.

Whilst being open and spacious a thatch gazebo provides excellent insulation in extreme temperatures.The diversity regarding shapes and designs, is infinite.



Due to the exact 35˚angle or pitch of our gazebos and quality of our materials, we guarantee 10 - 15 years durability on the materials (thatch) used for our Bali huts.


Highest quality timber is used for the decking. Posts and timber used as decking material has between 35-45 years life expectancy.


Local Grade Thatch vs Export Grade Thatch

Brisbane Thatch & Decking uses the highest quality Export Grade Thatch which will add between 5-10 years to your gazebo. A-Grade Alang Alang thatch is used in all our thatch work.


Local (C-grade) Thatch (identified with a black coloured string), has a much shorter life and is not as durable as the Export A-Grade Thatch. Even in the export grade thatch there are sub grades and deferent qualities.


Custom made

We often work with architects and property developers for custom made unique gazebos and outdoor areas, in order to fit the exact need of the client

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Wishing to enjoy the tropical lifestyle in the backyard of your home or resort? Nowhere else you can get it better than here at Brisbane Thatch and Decks. We have been into this business over 19 years and happy to own large and satisfied customer base across the nation.

Professionals at our base are highly qualified and well-experienced. We strive to manufacture a Bali Hut that fits our clients’ needs and preferences. We are a fast growing supplier of Bali Huts not because of the years we have served but because of the excellence we carry out with each of our project. If you need contemporary, out of the ordinary and ingenious Bali Huts, get to us in no time.

Our Bali Huts thatching and decking service caters for everything from brushwood structure upgrade to building a new construction and maintenance to repairs. Bali Huts from our end are 100% waterproof and quite pocket friendly to claim.

BALI HUTS for Sale in Brisbane


Bali Huts By Brisbane Thatch and Decks


Nobody Builds a Bali Huts better than the professionals - Brisbane Thatch and decks.

We build every single Bali Hut to suit your specific needs. Brisbane Thatch and Decks design and supply modern exotic innovative Balinese style thatched roofs also known as Bali Huts.

Bali Huts could also be called / describe as  Gazebo's, Pavilions, Pergolas, Cabana's, Thatched Patio's as well as Tiki Huts.

Bali huts is 100% waterproof , the frame copper chrome arsenic frames is 100% save for humans but deadly for termites. The frame and post is treated for weather and white ants and have a expected lifespan of no less than 50 years. Sitting under a Balinese hut is like sitting under a three, 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding areas. Bali huts is naturally insulated and the thatch could also be factory treated with a fire retardant making it safer than any other Balinese hut.

Brisbane Thatch specialize in all aspects of Bali Huts. We upgrade brushwood structures, Build new Bali Huts, We the best when it comes to Maintenance and Repairs. Brisbane Thatch and Decks also boast of excellent and speedy after sales service.

Brisbane Thatch and Decks design and manufacture high quality pre-stained timber frames. Brisbane Thatch Import and supply best quality thermal A-grade Alang Alang Thatch, Also known in Japan as Blade Grass.

"By adding a exceptionally build Balinese Hut you can create a island resort lifestyle in your own back yard next to your pool, tennis court or just as focal point in the garden"  

Brisbane Thatch and Decks build personalize DIY Bali Hut Kits for customers to any destination in Australia at factory direct prices.

Brisbane Thatch and Decks only use handpicked specialized BSA licensed installers.

Wisdom speaking: "If you need a house build get a architect, engineer and a qualified builder. If you need a outstanding Balinese Gazebo then get The Professionals who specialize in Bali Huts at Brisbane Thatch and Decks." Simple !

Questions to ask on Bali Huts

Questions to ask when buying a Balinese Hut


When looking at purchasing a brand new Balinese Hut they all look the same when new. But in fact there is a vast difference in quality and hidden secrets from the inexperienced. It's like the difference between a Kia and a Mercedes. They are both shiny when new, both is much better than walking, Both have excellent representation but one is cheaper, one will last longer, one is safer to drive and one will not let you down over the long run.

When Buying a new Balinese Hut there is some things that really look the same but can be the difference in spending money on maintenance in 3 years or 15 years.  


So the questions you should ask is.

  • Who's do you call when you have problems with your Bali Hut ? Brisbane Thatch naturally

  • Is Brisbane Thatch BSA licensed ? Yes

  • How long has Brisbane Thatch been installing Balinese Huts for? 14 years

  • Does Brisbane thatch have aftermarket service ? Yes

  • Is The Fames been treated against Australian wheatear conditions ? Yes

  • Is Brisbane Thatch frames treated against termite attacks ? Yes

  • How accurate does Brisbane thatch cut their frames ? To nearest 5mm

  • Is Brisbane Thatch frames stained ? Yes

  • Does Brisbane Thatch use frame size or shade area to sell Brisbane Thatch Bali Huts ? Fame size - A 3x3 frame size would be sold as a 3x3 and not as a 4x4 which is the shade area. Some companies will market a 3x3 as a 4x4... So just make sure when getting prices for a 3x3 it's a 3x3 frame size and not a 2x2 ?

  • What is the thatch spacing's used by Brisbane Thatch? 75mm but also take care. It does not mean that if some companies use 60mm spacing's it's better than 75mm spacing's. It also depends on the thatch quality. How thick the thatch has been woven and the length of the Thatch. Thatch strips can vary from 2.5m to 3m long but the length can vary from 500mm to 1.2m

  • Is Brisbane Thatch Thatch treated against fire? Yes, The fire retardant  treatment however mean just that, fire restarted, is does not mean the Bali hut cannot burn. The hut can still smoulder but it would not flare up in flames and burn down in 3 minutes.

Specially designed Bali Huts

Brisbane Thatch and Decks have the unique skills and ability to incorporate any modern innovative idea into building Bali Huts making your Balinese Hut unique and pretty much the only one of its kind.

Bali Huts at Gold Coast

Gold Coast Surfers Paradise is synonymous with fun in the sun all year long. This poolside Bali Hut and Decks was build to extend paradise living. The Deck expands the convenience of indoor living to the outdoors with the convenience of home rite at the back door. Stepping out under your new Bali Hut you are immediately transported away from every day hassle and bustle to lay back and enjoy cool shade only thatch can provide.


This is not out of your reach, Just call Brisbane Thatch and Decks  us for a stress free quote and one step closer to paradise.