Synthetic Bali Hut Thatch Upgrades for African Cape Reed Gazebo's

Synthetic Africa - Bali Huts

Brisbane Thatch & Decks do Synthetic Bali Thatch upgrades for African Cape Reed Gazebo's


 African Cape Reed Gazebo's do require a re-thatch after about 5 to 7 years. Although Brisbane Thatch and Decks is the best prized to do your re-thatch with superior better graded and thicker thatching tiles imported directly from The Cape Province. Quite a few Clients opt for the low maintenance  and Bali hut look alike synthetic thatch tiles. Some of our customers just want to chance the style of their existing African Cape Reed Thatch Gazebo to a Balinese Alang Alang Bali Hut styled Gazebo. The most cost effective and logical way to achieve this transformation would be to just change the African Cape Reed Thatch with our Synthetic Balinese Tiles to achieve that Tropical Island Thatch Lifestyle.

Synthetic Bali Thatch


Brisbane Thatch & Decks - Synthetic or Fiber Bali Thatch Tiles is a alternative and no fuss upgrade system  for African Cape Reed Thatch Gazebo's. Synthetic thatch can easily be used on existing timber or colour bond roofs to transform the theme to a luxurious tropical island resort ambiance with minimum effort. The Synthetic Bali Hut Tiles are made from a polyurethane compound that is UV resistant and long lasting. Synthetic tiles biggest advantage, is that it will last for up to 25  years with no maintenance and minimal fading. Furthermore, it creates a luxurious Balinese Hut lifestyle anywhere in the garden, whether next to pools, resorts or at shop fronds.

Inside View Synthetic Bali Thatch


Brisbane Thatch & Decks - Synthetic or Fibre Bali Thatch Tiles is design to clip in on the steel frame of the Africa Cape Reed frames. The tiles have a reinforce silicon back with plastic clips that clips onto a 6 to 8mm steel rod.

The tiles can be fitted to a Bali Hut Timber frame if we fit steel rods on the timber frame. The cost however would be double the cost of just a normal Re-thatch. If you are however interested in fitting the synthetic tiles to your existing Bali hut frame we will have to work out a cost to do that, It is not something we do as a standard. Please keep in mind that the Synthetic Fibre Thatch is primarily design for shade and is not waterproof. You will also see some light coming through the top. See photo's.