10% Discount Voucher for Bali Hut, Balinese Pergola / Gazebo / Pavilion / Cabana
1.5 x 3m Black frame Kit $1800 10 % discount $1620 cash.

10% Discount Voucher for Bali Hut Kit Price $1800 - 
Quote discount code and receive 10% discount and only pay $1620 cash when pick up or free delivery of the Bali hut in South Brisbane Area... 



On Sale is a Discount Voucher for a High Quality 1.5x3m Frame, 2.5x4m Shade area Bali Hut Kit.


Please note - Decks is not included.... Photo's just to show what the Bali hut looks like...


This Australian Standards, Bali Hut will last 5 times longer than any untreated (CCA) Imported panelled soft Coconut Pine Bali Hut.


Included in this Bali Hut Kit is:


-3.6m long 125mm Diameter Coppers log post, Copper Chrome Arsenic Treated to last in ground for 50 years plus.


 - Bali Hut Frame: Black stained, Super accurate cut, perfectly square build frame. Timber for the Bali hut frame is slow growing F7 New Zealand Radiate ruffed headed pine CCA treated for 25 years Weather durability and White Ants attacks.


-The lines for the thatch is pre-drawn which saves around 90 min during installation.


-Battens screws.

-Best A-Grade Alang Alang Balinese Thermal Thatch.

-Best A-Grade bundles hip covering thatch.

-Heavy duty handmade terracotta Ridge Capping.

-Detailed installation instructions. 



1.5 x 3m ebay hut

Freight Dimensions -

600 Kg  

300 cm x 120 cm x 60 cm H

25 kg

Box Tiles 90 cm x 48 cm x 60 cm