Brisbane Thatch Cottages

and Villas

Brisbane Thatch Cottage and Villas

Origin Cottages and Villas


The term Villa is widely used in Victoria, the term Cottage is more often use in the rest of Australia. The most popular definitions would be a detached dwelling or romantic retreat away from it all.


In Roman times a villa was a upper-class country houses since its origin in Roman Villa. After the fall of the Roman empire Villas became farming compounds, monasteries, and gradually re-evolve through the middle ages into upper class country homes.


Due to the Tuscany influence villa gardens was seen as a vital and aesthetic link to interface modern day living overlooking the agricultural landscapes.


Thatch and shingles are still very popular, traditional and widely available roofing materials used on Cottages and Villas thus recreating the original rustic and rural pre-modern dwelling atmosphere.


In our modern culture all over the world  the term Cottage and Villa is used in a more romantic context for a relaxing getaway destination to escape the bussing city life and reconnect with our loved ones in nature.


A Brisbane Thatch and Deck Balinese Gazebo can be transformed into Cottage or Villa by simply just adding four walls, windows and a door. Detached from the main living area to create a cozy hideaway from every day buzz just relaxing next to the pool or in the garden.