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Building Certification Costs

We are living in a civilized society and everything is very much regulated. Which is good on the one hand but cost lots money on the other.

In our lovely city of Brisbane, it will cost around $2000 to put a Bali Hut through council.  But if the Bali Hut is closer than 1m from the boundary - depending on the regional council it will cost $2500 if relaxation is required.

Will be more or less the same in Gold Coast, Toowoomba or Sunshine Coast.

Alternatively if you just want a Engineer Certificate it would be $350 and then you can simply put it though council when prompted. 

Impossible to give our clients an exact quote for Bali Hut certification because the cost are different from council to council and the qbcc insurance depends on the value of the project. But is seems to be in the  ballpark figure of $2000 to $2500.


* Please note this is not exact because prices vary form council to council, The qbcc insurance is calculated according to value of the contract. The form 15 is calculated according to the design of the Bali Hut.

Your money will need to pay the following:

- 1) We will need a site plan from you, our valued customer. We can not apply for this to the representative councils because of security issues. Normally this will cost around $100.

- 2) Engineer for design plan and Form 15.  This form is extremely important because the project cannot commence without this Form. Normally the engineers cost is around $350. 

- 3) A draftsman will be employed to draw up a site plan to ensure the Brisbane City Council approves our site plan.

- 4) QBCC Insurance to make ensure your Bali Hut is completed, if not by us then by reputable works man if we are for some reason not able to finish the project.

- 5) A Certifier will need to approve different stages of the job to Council standards.

- 6) Council lodgement fees and registration fees.

- 7) Council filing fees, because all these plans need to be stored/filed somewhere.

- 8) Searches to make sure we don't build the Bali hut on the wrong property.

- 9) Relaxation fees if we build closer than 500mm or so from the fence. Normally this would cost a additional $500 

- 10) At times a Surveyor might be employed to ensure all property fences are in the right position.


* Please note, although we update the rates regularly the fees quoted is only a indication due to various factors concerning each and every project. 

How long will certification process take.

From the time we get the go ahead from you, received a deposit basically just to cover the initial certification cost and the site plan from our clients, depending on various circumstances (if every thing goes according to plan) it will take around three weeks for the engineers certificate. One week for the drafts person to do the site plan. Four weeks for the certifier to give the go ahead. Then we, Brisbane Thatch and Decks install your brand new Bali Hut.

As a rule of thumb it will take around two to three months to get the go ahead to commence the Bali Hut or Deck installation and then another month or so after the install has been completed the finalize the certification.


* Please note, This is also just an indication. In the past we had certification issues and it took up to six months to get the certification done and get the install started. If its just up to us, Brisbane Thatch and Decks, we book your job in and finish it on time. 

Please contact me if you have any further questions.   Thank you.

Have a good day