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Brisbane Thatch and Decks
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Brisbane Thatch and Decks
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Brisbane Thatch and Decks
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Brisbane Thatch and Decks
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Important Information for new Decks and DIY Deck kits.


​What makes us different:

We supply Balinese Hut DIY Deck Kits, Decks and Installation.

Brisbane Thatch and Decks uses mainly 90x19mm and 140x19mm Merbau (Kwila) decking.

The reason is:

1) Merbau decking carries a durability one grading in Australia.

2) It is a semi hardwood that does not crack if you nail it down.

3) It does not warp, shrink or twist in the Australian weather conditions like so many other hardwood species.

4) It is very easy to maintain, Just a little decking oil from time to time.

For the Joist and Bearers we use the same timber as we use for our Bali Huts, New Zealand slow growing F7 harness ruffed headed Radiata H3 Copper Chrome Arsenic Treated against weather conditions, timber rot and white ant attacks.. It is superior to hardwood in the sense that the CCA treatment  penetrates right through the timber. And its is straight. Hardwood is very seldom straight.


We just use galvanized fasteners and galvanized batten screws for the deck frame and supports.

We use 52mm galvanized nails to secure the decking boards - We do have the option to screw the decking boards down, but it cost a little more.

The faceplate is stained same color as the Bali Gazebo frame or we have the option to cover the sides with Merbau decking as well...

We use 150mm or 125mm Coppers log support posts H5 CCA treated that is rated to stand in water for 50 years - exactly the same materials as the posts for our Balinese Huts.

For the bearers and joist, we mostly use 140x35 cca F7 radiata but we may also use other sizes depending on the design of the deck.

But more importantly, we go the extra mile.

Have a good day


Brisbane Thatch and Decks