The home of the Balinese Huts

The home of the Bali Hut.

When your 6 hour flight lands in Denpasar, like thousands of Australian tourists before you looking forward to a relaxing vacation in Bali, away from strict civilization as we know it, you are greeted by the all year warm climate of the Indonesian Islands only matched by the friendliness of the Balinese people. Staggering through Balinese customs, luggage over your shoulder and suitcase in tow on wheels your are greeted by hundreds of Balinese taxi operators willing to cater for all your transport and exportation needs. Finding your designated driver is not short of a small miracle. Driving to your five star hotel you soon realize your Taxi Driver will lose all his 12 points in 60 minutes in Australia. Just looking out of your taxi window gives the words hustle and bustle a brand new meaning. Surrounded by the uniquely breath-taking Balinese cultural architecture, you quickly find yourself stuck in traffic, blocked by yet another noisy political demonstration delaying your arrival at your hotel for a few hours. The main road now represents a parking lot. Still culture shocked you carefully get out of the taxi avoiding scooters driving between cars and on pavements.  As the gaps between the parked cars are quickly filling up even the  hundreds of scooters are coming to a halt. With warm sun bearing down on the scene below you quickly head for the side of the road. And what do you know, under a Bali Hut you buy your first ice cold Mojito in Bali. Only then do you start to notice all the Bali Huts around you. Literally every third structure is covered some sort of a grass thatch.

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