Brisbane Thatch Synthetic Balinese Huts

No City Council Approval needed Balines Huts.

​Alternatively we can a built Synthetic Bali Hut or Bali Huts on sliding posts to meet the council regulations...



Some times we just need a small area covered in shade without paying $2350 to 2850 for fees and approvals.


Council will allow structures of up to 10 square meters and max 2.4m high. Unfortunately for us Bali Huts have a 35 degree pitch and a beautiful heavy duty crown that is about 850mm high, plus we build up the ridges and top of our Bali Huts which makes even our small natural Balinese Huts too high to come in under the 2.4m mark. 


So in order to get in under the 2.4m high mark we came up with a very practical solution. 

Our Synthetic Bali huts have a 20 - 25 degree pitch and thus are much lower than our Alang Alang thatch Bali Huts. But even with a lower degree pitch the Synthetic Balinese Hut will still be too high. So we came up with another innovation.

We build a Synthetic Balinese Hut with adjustable post. So now you can lower the Synthetic Bali Hut to a legal height if council ever needs to inspect the Bali Hut and just lift the Bali hut to a comfortable height after any inspections. Even with the lowered height the Bali Hut is still very usable.


And if the 10 square meters is a bit small we can install two or three separate Bali Huts. If you want one bigger structure we can change the design of the Bali Huts to allow adjacent structures that will form one structure thus increasing the shade area.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.   Thank you.

Adjustable Height Roofs
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In accordance with the Queensland Building Act 1975, a building approval is required for the construction of a carport, shed or garage where any of the following apply:

- A plan area of more than 10m²; or an overall height of more than 2.4m; or

-a mean height (Mean height is the total elevational area of the building divided by the horizontal length of the building facing the boundary) of more than 2.1m; or

-any side longer than 5m; or

-not freestanding (attached to another building or structure).


In theory you will have to put all Bali Huts through council (even the small ones are higher than 2.4m) Only problem is Council costs more than the Huts - But in saying that there are thousands of Bali huts not through council before they decide to change classification of the structures (they simply make more money... And if you live in a council house you don't need any approvals whatsoever...  If your neighbors complain, well then you are in trouble... But what we sometimes do is build the Hut to council standard plus get the engineer certificate - that way you can put the Hut through council any time later if need be...



3x3 Smart Thatch Bali Hut