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No Approval City Council Approval Bali Huts.


Building Certification Costs

Well, we are living in a civilized society and every thing is very much regulated. Which is good on the one hand but cost lots money on the other.

Some times we just need a small area shade covered without paying $2000


to $2500 for council approvals.


Council will allow structures of up to 10 square meters and max 2.4m high. Unfotunately for us Bali Huts have a 35 degree pitch and a buetufull heavy duty crown that is About 850mm high, plus we build up the ridges and top of our Bali Huts which makes our natural Balinese Huts too high to come in under the 2.4m mark. 


So in order to get in under the 2.4m high mark we came up with a very practical sulution. 

Our Synthetic bali huts have a 25degree pitch and thus are much lower than our Alang Alang thatch Bali Huts. But even with a 25 degree pitch the Bali hut will still be too high. So we came up with another Idea. We can make a ajustable post. So now we can lower the Synthetic Bali Hut to a legal hight if council ever needs to inspect the Bali Hut and just lift The Bali hut to a confortable hight anter the inspection. 


And if the 10 square metres is a bit small we can install two or three separete Bali Huts and even ajacent to each other thus increasing the shade area.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.   Thank you.




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