Brisbane Thatch and Decks gives a 5-year installation workmanship guarantee and 25 years on frame and Coppers Log post against weather and white ants.

As Alang-Alang Thatch is a natural product we can only give a 5-year warranty on Bali Thatch, although it will easily last twice as long.

Warranty is voided if thatch is damage due to plant materials eg: trees and bamboo growing next to and over the Balinese Thatch thus rubbing against the thatch due to the movement caused by wind and storms. Warranty is voided if plant material was allowed to accumulate on top Balinese Thatch and was not removed thus not permitting Balinese Thatch to drain and dry naturally.

Although Bali Thatch is very resilient and will withstand big storms very well the warranty does not cover severe weather conditions eg. Big hail, massive storms and cyclones.