Yes we can fix it !


Are you the owner of a leaking gazebo? We can fix it!


Brisbane Thatch & Deck can repair any problem on any shape or size Bali gazebo/thatch roof.


We have repaired countless Bali Gazebos and have learned from other’s mistakes. Our expertise and experience ensures that problem areas can immediately be identified, repaired and solved.


We repair any damage to gazebos, e.g. damage due to storms or fallen trees.


You may have a section of the roof that is perfectly fine, perhaps because it had been rethatched separately a few years earlier. In such cases, the newer thatch will gradually darken as it ages. Within a short time you won't even be able to see where the older and newer thatch patches meet.                      


                                    ...

Dust !


Because Alang Alang Thatch is a natural product we do experience natural problems on rare occasions. In the beginning 2019 is the first time we ever see dust clusters under the Bali Hut Thatch. We did some investigation and find the problem but don't worry, It is not decaying or Timber / Bamboo rot, it is not boring beetles or pooing worms it is simply soft inner core and we trace the problem down to when the Bamboo was harvest in Bali.

What we discovered is that If the Bamboo is cut in its early growing stages it has a sponge core. If the Local production labour does not let the bamboo dry out or clean the soft inside materials away it dries out later and forms dust.

The method the thatch strips are made is by cutting strip of bamboo by hand. Alang Alang grass is cut and tied in bundles and stack out to dry. Once the bamboo dries out 80% - 90% they tie the grass in small individual bundles around the bamboo strips with local sisal tie string. 

Now, If the local suppliers get lazy or under pressure to fill orders they could have use young wet bamboo strips to make the 2.5m Bali thatch strips. This will only be discovered months down the track when the thatch is up and dust starting to snow on your floor. The snow is more prevalent when wind is blowing and shaking the roof moving the thatch and dislodging the dust from the inside hollo formed they the grass tied around the bamboo.

Unfortunately the only thing we can do is going back to the manufacturers and complain, They do not have the finances or currency strength to rectify the problem. There reaction will only be sorry we will be careful next time. 

Brisbane Thatch along with all the other thatching companies are under increasing pressure to produce high quality thatch for ever decreasing prices.  Brisbane Thatch just can not replace the thatch if we need to survive and provide a future service to our clients. What we are doing to rectifying the problem for our clients is to simply blow the dust out with a high powered blower. It will get rid of 90% of the Bamboo dust. If the snow is not manageable we can repeat the process until we get reasonable results. 


Please be patient, Thatch is a after all a natural product and because we work with humans there is always the third world human factor creating fist world problems. 

Also note this is very uncommon - the first time ever we discover the phenomenon is  in the beginning of 2019.


 We are however working with the Local manufactures to iron out all unnecessary little problems. 

All we ask for is a little patients.