Brisbane Thatch & Decks.

Basic Deck Install

A) Put Ring Beams together using the markings on the frame supplied.

Measure the frame across to make sure it is square then support the structure with 2ea temporary pieces of timber on two opposite corners.

Screenshot (407).png

B) Support the frame level in the desirable position.

Mark the position of the holes.

Move the frame away and dig the post holes.

Post holes should be min 800mm deep and around 450mm in diameter.

Move the frame back in position.

Plant the post in the corners or at the desirable position depending on the frame design.

If you use raped set concrete you can get started on the rest of the install in 20min. 

C) Fit the rest of the joist / bearers using the batten screws supplied on the markings.

Don't forget the fir the decking supporting blocks on the inside of the post. One Batten screw should be enough to do the job.

D) Mark the position of the holes on the decking boards then cut it out with jig saw.

Fit the decking boards around the post fist using decking screws or ringshank decking nails.

Make sure the decking boards have at least a 15 to 20mm overhang around the decking frame.

Pre-drill all the holes to make sure the decking boards does not crack when securing it to the frame.

You can either stagger the screws / nails or mark a strait line then pre-drill the holes.

Note: You need to bend the decking boards strait as you go. Make sure all your lines is strait as you proceed to secure the decking boards.

(Not all the decking boards is strait and that is normal, your job is to make them strait.)

Join all the decking boards in the middle of a bearer. With two screws holding the ends down. So you will have 4 screws on that particular joint on the bearer.

E) Stack out the rest of the decking boards where it should be fitted.

Use a 3mm spacer.

If the gap that is left over after laying out all the decking boards is to big to cover by making the spacing 1mm wider then you need to cut one decking board wide enough to fit into the gap left over.

Use the skill saw with the supplied ripper guide to rip the decking board to the desirable width

Screenshot (339).png
Screenshot (408).png
Palmex Overlap.jpg
Screenshot (410)
Screenshot (409)
Screenshot (411)
Screenshot (412)
Screenshot (413)

F) Use a chalk line to mark the position where to trim all the decking boards in a strait line leaving a 15 to 20mm overhang.

Use a skill saw to cut off the decking boards on the off-cut side of the line.

Use a sander to soften the edged of the newly cut decking boards.