Umbrella Install Instructions


Step 1

All timbers must be placed and joined with the markings facing up.

Begin by laying the 6 ring beam pieces on a flat area at the location where your Bali Hut is going.

Make sure the ring beams are flat and square, then attach them together using 2 x75mm from one side and 1 x 75mm batten screw from the other side through the face of one beam into the end of the adjoining beam.

Make sure it is square by measuring from corner to corner (the diagonal measurements should both be the same).

Screenshot (163).png

Step 2 Hips


Assemble the hips as follows,

The hips are the double pieces screwed together with point one end and inverse on the other.

Place the pointed end snugly into the upper corner of the ring beam with the line marked side facing up. Ensure top of the hip sides are level with the top of the ring beam hold hip in position while attaching with 2 X 100mm batten screws, screwed through both sides of the ring beam into hip.

Screenshot (165).png

Step 3

Insert the King post (square 100mm block) or ridge beam (the large beam made of 2 pieces screwed together with an extension piece of timber on the top) into the center of the 6 hips.

The bottom king post should be 30mm higher than the bottom of the upper end of the hips.

Once they are all lined up screw together with 100mm batten screws.

Screenshot (164).png

Step 4 Rafters

Starting with the longest rafters (line marked side faces up) place the lower end against the inside of the ring beam and the top against the hips/ridge beam, pencil lines on the ring beam give an approximate location, check and adjust where necessary using a set square so the rafters are at 90 degrees to the ring beam, the top outer edge of the rafter should be flush with the top of the ring beam.


Screw together using 75 or 100mm batten screw through ring beam and 100mm batten screw through top of rafter into the king post.

Screenshot (166).png

Step 5 Post


Plant the post: Decide the position of the Balinese Umbrella and dig a hole 350 diameter and 900mm deep. Plant post in the hole with concrete (not supplied).


Step 6 Fit Frame on Post


Measure the distance from the bottom of the king post to the floor and ad 2100mm. (or if you desire another height for your umbrella).


Measure from the floor to the top of the post, trim the post to desired length.


Lift the frame over the post and let it sink into the opening on the bottom of the king post left by the hips.


Insert 3 ea 100mm Batten screws at a angle through the king post into the post.


Level the frame and fit the knee braces supplied.


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Art shaped Hexagon Bali hut

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